Insights, Sources and Other Pieces of Wisdom About APAC – Part 4: Roobin Golestan

It is time to remove the spiderweb from the blog and start into 2013, with another piece on APAC, this time by Roobin Golestan out of Beijing.

The danger with trying to understand China with one book (or other cultural artifact) is that one easily walks right into the trap of pigeonholing China.

There are many books, essays and how-to manuals with pretended wisdom about China and, well, in most of them you do find wisdom. However, this country is so diverse, multilayered and dynamic, that you will always find many exceptions and contradictions to these wisdoms.

Hence, my personal favorite among books about China (in German): “Bliefe von dlüben”. Satirical and full of contradictions, it doesn’t even try to give answers. While it is full of well observed anecdotes of day-to-day life out of the perspective of a foreigner in China, it does make fun of East and West and is not ashamed to contradict itself even within a page. Entertaining and still delivering very authentic impressions.



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