links for 2008-12-18

Posted in allgemein by thomas on the Dezember 18th, 2008
  • But in the quest for effectiveness, metrics (as we know them) aren'teverything, says Steve Nesle, executive creative director at Tribal DDB, New York. "I don't believe that big, bold ideas and science and metrics are mutually exclusive. When there's a business problem, you need a solution before you can apply science and metrics."

    Flo Heiss, creative partner at Dare in London, sees metrics evolutions ("the end of coincidence by super-targeted marketing") forcing a Balkanization of sorts. "Big brand campaigns will more and more be replaced by pop moments," says Heiss. "There will never be another Michael Jackson, but we'll get the occasional hit like "Gorilla." It's those ideas (difficult to conceive as they are) that fly around the globe."