The Evolving Role of Creativity in Brand Management

1. Introduction and Research Objective

2. Brands and Brand Management
2.1 The Relevance of Brand Management

2.2 What is a Brand?

2.3  Brand Management Paradigms

2.3.1 Product Paradigm
2.3.2 Projective Paradigm
2.3.3 Adaptive Paradigm
2.3.4 Relational Paradigm

2.4 Challenges For Brand Management
2.4.1 Complexity
2.4.2 Coupling
2.4.3 Communication
2.4.4 Response to these Challenges

2.5 A systems theory-based brand management model

2.6 Conclusions

2.6.1 More, not less learning
2.6.2 A realistic view – planning the un-plannable
2.6.3 Brand management as an organisational capability

3 Creativity in the context of brand management

3.1 What is Creativity?
3.2 A product view of creativity in brand management
3.2.1 Creativity as a feature of advertising Creativity and the hierarchy of effects Creativity In Low-Attention Processing Advertising as creative publicity Branding as creative cultural activism
3.2.2 Creativity As a Feature of Strategy

3.3 A process view of creativity in brand management
3.4 A person view of creativity in brand management
3.5 A place view of creativity in brand management

4 Conclusion and Implications about the roles of creativity in brand management

4.1  Brand Potential and Creativity
4.2 Brand Relationships and Creativity
4.3 Brand Experience And Creativity
4.4 Concluding thoughts

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